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Hapolopus sp. Colombia large (pumpkin patch tarantula) with eggsac.

Pairing this species has been something I've been interested in doing for a while, after my first attempt of course it was a fail. Well long story short she never dropped a sac, she had a bad molt and past. Not something I expected and was pretty bummed out with her being one of the species I very much enjoyed having. Well, after a few months I decided to get a small group of 3, one pen ultimate male and two females. Females where maybe around 2.5 inches eventually molting out to 3" while the male followed of course into maturity. For the pairing I waited until they where hardened and ready to take food, I then fed them a Dubia roach big enough to fill them up pretty good. After feeding and leaving their enclosure to dry out fully, I then cooled them down to 75f degrees for a few days, maybe a week I would rather say. Male of course was fed, cooled and left in the same condition as the female. After already making a sperm web, I then introduced him into the first females enclosure. (Assuming the cooling and drop in humidity played a major role) they immediately locked, unlike the first pair that took an hour or so. Female retreated into her burrow while the male escaped the enclosure entirely. When pairing was done, I fed the female a few days after another medium size (large for her) sized dubia. I left the female in the same condition, cool and dry for about 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I heavily misted one side of the enclosure while bringing temps up to around 78f-80f degrees and leaving it there. Almost exactly one week after that I found her with an eggsac, I then covered her up and misted the opposite side very lightly through an airhole to keep from being completely dry. I pulled the sac at 23 days and found it to be full of ewl (eggs with legs). Eventually they all molted into 2nd in star with very few losses, there was about 140 spiderlings that made it. Loving the species so much of course I held back maybe about 20 of them that are all still in my care, healthy and growing.

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