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Rare tarantula Theraphosinae sp. Cusco/Cuzco care tips

Just got this species (Theraphosinae sp. cusco/cuzco) not too long ago. There was not much info online on really of course, with it being pretty rare and never produced in the U.S, well.. as far as I know. I've recently been looking into this species and where they're from, I can tell you I would keep this species in the low 70s. Temps drop at night but obviously they would be snug in their burrows, which I assume would be in the 60s ish or mid 50's. And also assuming you can't simulate these temps in your home, I would suggest you keep them in the low 70's and they should do just fine. (See temp chart) Rarely above 70F degrees. For humidity, I would mist maybe once or twice a week (depending on your ventilation) occasionally letting it somewhat dry out. December to March. In these months, showers occur almost daily, although they are often short-lived. In the winter season, from May to August, it rains very rarely. The rains begin to fall in September, although they are initially rare and brief. As for breeding this species, like I've said they've never been produced in the U.S hobby yet as far as I know. But reading this chart i can say me personally... i would try dropping temps to the low 60's and dropping humidity almost completely for pairing. But triggering an eggsac, I would possibly need a raise in temps. let's say high 60's or low 70's with a raise in humidity to 70-80%. No idea on gestation period, 1-3 months is possible.

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