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Product information:
Material: Crystal
Process: Sanding
Category: Bare stone
Material source: Natural
Shape: Geometric
Hanging form: Ornaments
Packing: Bulk
(A)White crystal 7-9mm 100g,
(B)Pink crystal 7-9mm 100g
(C)Lapis Lazuli 7-9mm 100g,
(D)Tiger Eye Stone 7-9mm 100g
(E)Green Aventurine 7-9mm 100g
(F)Amethyst 7-9mm 100g,
(G)Obsidian 7-9mm 100g,
(H)Huang Dongling 7-9mm 100g,
Wholesale natural gravel semi-precious stones, 25 kinds of crystal rough, bare stone, flower pot, fish tank decoration, gemstones for Buddha

Packing: Crystal rough x1

Crystal Rough Stone, Bare Stone, Fish Tank Decoration, Gemstones For Buddha

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